… The Grateful Dead and their music have had a significant influence on all of our lives. Through the brotherhood of "Deadheads" we have gotten to know so … many people and have made so many really good friends. And it is thanks to these friends that we can offer this tribute to a band that, well quite frankly, was both … good and bad at the same time - but good or bad "The Dead" never failed to please.… The thousands of Deadheads that keep the music alive are a tribute to a band that has a never ending story.

Beggars Tomb recreates the music from different eras in a faithful representation to the original artist. We play accurate renditions of all those classic Grateful Dead tunes that true Deadheads will totally understand and get. Even though the original Grateful Dead do not play together anymore, their spirit lives on, at least in our hearts and in the musical renditions by Beggars Tomb.